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Ajahn Brahm discusses two Suttas with similes of cowherds: MN33: Mahagopalaka Sutta - The Greater Discourse on the Cowherd and MN34: Cūḷagopālaka Sutta - Shorter Discourse on the Cowherd.

MN33: Mahāgopālaka Sutta - The Greater Discourse on the Cowherd.

"For eleven reasons a cowherd is not able to properly look after a herd. The Buddha compares this to the spiritual growth of a mendicant."

MN34: Cūḷagopālaka Sutta - Shorter Discourse on the Cowherd.

"Drawing parallels with a cowherd guiding his herd across a dangerous river, the Buddha presents the various kinds of enlightened disciples who cross the stream of transmigration."

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