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Track 01 of 09: Preliminary Homage to the Triple Gem.

Yo so bhagava araham samma-sambuddho

Svakkhato yena bhagavata dhammo

Supatipanno yassa bhagavato savaka-sangho

Tam-mayam bhagavantam sadhammam sasangham

Imehi sakkarehi yatharaham aropitehi abhipujayama

Sadhu no bhante bhagava sucira-parinibbuto pi


Ime sakkare duggata-pannakara-bhute patigganhatu

Amhakam digha-rattam hitaya sukhaya


Araham samma sambuddho bhagava

Buddham bhagavantam abhivademi       (bow)


Svakkhato bhagavata dhammo

Dhammam namassami                          (bow)


Supatipanno bhagavato savaka sangho

Sangham namami                                  (bow)


One, the Lord who attained perfect enlightenment,

To the teaching which he expounded so well,

And to the Blessed One’s disciples, who have practised well,

To these – the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha –

We render with offerings our rightful homage.

It is well for us, Blessed One, that having attained liberation,

You still had compassion for the later generations,

Deign to accept these simple offerings

For our long-lasting benefit and for the happiness it gives us.

The Lord, the Perfectly Enlightened and Blessed One

I render homage to the Buddha, the Blessed One. (bow)

The teaching so completely explained by him

I bow to the Dhamma.                                       (bow)

The Blessed One’s disciples who have practised well

I bow to the Sangha.                                         (bow)



Text from BSWA 'Chanting the Dhamma' cd booklet.

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