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Track 05 of 09: Recollection of the Sangha.

Supatipanno bhagavato savaka-sangho

Uju-patipanno bhagavato savaka-sangho

Naya-patipanno bhagavato savaka-sangho

Samici-patipanno bhagavato savaka-sangho

Vad-idam cattari purisa-yugani attha purisa-puggala

Esa bhagavato savaka-sangho

Ahuneyyo pahuneyyo dakkhineyyo anjali-karaniyo

Anuttaram punnakkhettam lokassa


Tam-aham sangham abhipujayami

Tam- aham sangham sirasa namami       (bow)


They are the Blessed One’s disciples who have practised well,

Who have practised directly,

Who have practised insightfully,

Those who are accomplished in the practise;

That is the four pairs, the eight kinds of noble beings,

These are the Blessed One’s disciples.

Such ones are worthy of gifts, worthy of hospitality, worthy of offerings, worthy of respect;

They give opportunity to make the unsurpassed merit in the world

I chant my praise to the Sangha, I bow my head to this Sangha (bow)


Text from BSWA 'Chanting the Dhamma' cd booklet.

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